5 Key Considerations When Moving Telecom Services to a New Office

5 Categories to Consider Before Moving

  1. Carriers
  2. Timelines
  3. Contracts
  4. Phone Services
  5. Data Services

I’ve seen hundreds of office moves take place and some go more smoothly than others. As an IT pro, your list of things to do when moving is going to be lengthy. Here are some guidelines for thinking about your move as it relates to telecom services.

#1 Carriers


Is the telecom carrier(s) that you use at our current office location also available at the new location? Just because you are staying in the same city / area does NOT mean the carrier will be available at the new location.

  1. Call Carriers: Including your current carrier. 
  2. Talk to the property manager at your new location.
  3. Ask your future neighbors who they use.

Account Rep

Do you have a carrier rep that you’ve worked with or that is associated with your company?

  1. Call the carrier and provide them with your company name and address and ask if you have a rep that is associated with your account. If you work for a larger company, sometimes there is a rep assigned to your account.  If you are at a small business, often the person answering the phone will be able to help you.
  2. Look at the last agreement that was signed and see if there is a rep associated to the agreement.

#2 Timeline

Generally speaking, the sooner you start working with telecom carriers on your move, the better.  It’s not crazy to start the conversation 6 months in advance with your carrier.

Time will allow you to:

  • Let the carrier complete any work needed to get the network where you need it.
  • Find your rep.
  • Work out any contract related issues, which may arise.

#3 Contracts

There are two main items to think about as it relates to contracts and your telecom move.

  1. Are you “In” or “Out” of contract?
  2. Does your current carrier provide services at your new location?
Contract Matrix

If you are “In” contract and moving to a location where your existing carrier does not offer service.  Check out this post on ways to avoid an Early Termination Fee:  4 Ways to Avoid ETFs: In Contract Moves

#4 Moving Phone Services

Phone Numbers and Rate Centers

Phone numbers provided by traditional carriers (non-VOIP) are tied to geographic areas called rate centers.  Even if you are moving across the street, there is a chance you are moving into a new rate center.  You may incur additional charges to keep those numbers.  It may force you to consider getting new numbers or porting to another carrier that will not charge you to keep the phone numbers.


  • Is the cabling at the new office capable of supporting your current phone system?
  • Are there drops in the locations where you need them to be?


Phone service moves are typically done on a “Hot Cut”, meaning that they are ringing at one office one moment and then cutover to the new location. 

  • Notify your office of when the cutover will be taking place.
  • If you’re trying to move the system with the least impact to the business, it’s common to move it over the weekend.  Some carriers will charge a higher dollar amount for cutovers that take place at night or on the weekends, making Friday afternoon a popular time to have cutovers.

#5. Moving Internet Services

Parallel Services

Unlike phone services where a cutover takes place, internet services can overlap during a move.  You can ask your carrier to set up “Parallel Services” for a period of time. Meaning that a new internet circuit is set up at the new office, and the old circuit remains active for a period of time.  

  • You will pay for both circuits while both circuits are active.
  • The #1 headache I’ve seen with parallel services is the old service isn’t disconnected.  Be sure to confirm it is turned down when the time is right.

Static IPs

Your networks Static IPs can only be in one place at a time.  Often companies move their Static IPs to the new location and obtain a temporary static IP or dynamic IP at the old location.

Evaluate the Bandwidth

Moves are a good time to take inventory of your telecom services and make sure they still fit the company’s needs. Does the service you have now still work for your company or should you make adjustments?

Wishing you a Smooth Move

Every company has a different moving experience.  I hope this write up helps you have a positive experience. If you have any questions along the way or need any help let me know.