Have Questions? I've Got Answers

Below are the answers to common questions that I come across.  Have a question and still can’t find the answer below?  Drop me a note at Chris@techconnectivity.com or put something on my calendar by scheduling an appointment with me at the bottom of the page. 

What carriers do you work with?

I work at AT&T as an Fiber Sales Executive, so the short answer to this question is that I only work with one carrier… AT&T.   In the event I cannot help you within the resources of AT&T’s  services, I am happy to make an introduction to a carrier rep from another company who may be able to help. 

Who are you services for?

The people I work with are typically making decisions  for  their companies networking services. Titles typically include; Directors and VPs of IT, along with COO. Often these conversations involve multiple stakeholders within the company and involve the technical teams, end users, CFO and CEOs.  

The companies I work with generally have more than 50 employees, but that rule has exceptions. Some of the largest projects have the fewest employees.

What are the most common types of projects?

The need for a telecom project is usually kicked off by one of the following triggers: Opening a new office, office moves, company growth, telecom contracts expiring or just aging technology that is due for a refresh.

How long do installations take?

Fiber installations timeframes can range from 2 days up to a few months in rare cases, with the average being 7 – 30 days. The determining factor is whether or not the equipment and network you need, is in the place where you need it. I encourage you to start looking into these projects early so that you are afforded the time you need. 

What happens if At&t is not serviceable at my location?

If your project only has 1 location at that location is not serviceable, nor does it look like we can make it serviceable.  I will do my best to refer you to someone at another company who can help.

If you project has multiple locations, some our serviceable by AT&T while others aren’t (A very common scenario), we will proceed with developing a proposal and we can discuss your options in depth.

If there is one site, which is not currently serviceable, but it looks like it could be with a small construction build, we will continue researching the project to see if we can find a way to make the timelines work with your project.