Your Company’s Internet and Phone Services: Reliable, Efficient, Secure.

Expert telecom planning to help you accomplish your enterprise communication projects.

Need help starting a telecom project?

Calling large telecom companies to get a project in motion can be frustrating.

I get it. Getting enterprise telecom projects going and completed can be a headache.

I’ve helped over 500 companies get their telecom infrastructure dialed in. I can do the same for you!

Your Project Includes:

Maximize Uptime

With multiple network design options and strong SLAs we can plan to achieve maximum uptime for your business.


Find the right set of services for your company. Establish services that will make you most efficient, without breaking the budget.


Take the steps to secure your company's network infrastructure.


The Bit by Bit Process

I can help you in 4 easy steps:

1. Book a free 30 minute project consulation.

2. Select from a few recommendations.

3. Track the delivery of your service.

4. Realize the benefit of having your telecom services dialed in!

Sticking with the status quo or pushing off projects is an easy thing to do.

But avoiding those projects can lead to missed move-in dates, reduced staff productivity, frustrating voice and video calls, and unnecessary money spent.

With the right plan and process none of that needs to happen.

We’ll work thru a process and create a plan that meets the needs of your company’s technology goals and track to towards your desired timelines.  Kick off that feeling of productivity and responsibility by scheduling a call to address those plans today.


I've Helped These People Tackle Telecom:

I can help. All it takes is a short conversation.

What You'll Get:

Customized Proposals

Fiber Data Services

Network Security Options

Nationwide Service Options

Enterprise Voice Solutions

Telecom Planning

Managed Wi-fi

Enterprise WANs

Business Continuity Planning

Common Questions:

I work at AT&T  as an Enterprise Account Executive, so the short answer to this question is that I only work with one carrier… AT&T.  In the event I cannot help you within the resources of AT&T’s services, I am happy to try and make an introduction to a carrier rep from another company who may be able to help. 

The people I typically work with are making decisions regarding IT for their company. Titles typically include; Directors and VPs of IT, along with COOs. Often these conversations involve multiple stakeholders within the company and involve the technical teams, end users, CFO and CEOs.  

The companies I work with generally have more than 50 employees, but that rule has exceptions. Some of the largest projects have the fewest employees.

The need for a telecom project is usually kicked off by one of the following triggers: Opening a new office, office moves, company growth, telecom contracts expiring or just aging technology that is due for a refresh.

Fiber installations timeframes can range from 2 weeks up to 1 year, with the average being 30 -60 days. The determining factor is whether or not the equipment and network you need is in the place where you need it. I encourage you to start looking into these projects early so that you are afforded the time you need.